testicular cancer Recovery

After BEP or EP chemo recovery can take time. You will start to feel better within 3 weeks of finishing as your blood becomes more normal and your hair will start to grow back.

Unfortunately, BEP and EP can have long term side effects such as Pins and needles in hands and feet (neuropathy)

It can also make your hearing sensitive to high pitched noises like plates banging together, children's screaming.

It's important you speak to your doctor about these side effects because there are treatments that may help

We do recommend that you get a full male hormone check ASAP and every 6 months after. Some men get low or low to normal drops in testosterone.

symptoms of Low testosterone are



gaining weight.

loss of sex drive.

No real spark.

Join our group if you would like to know more about the above problems

Wheat grass drinks can help with recovery which can be found in most health food shops and even supermarkets. One big heaped teaspoon  in a glass of water in the moring may help with energy and detox